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Schoology message/response error when clicking on a missing assignment in the grade book


When students look at their grades, and see a missing assignment their instinct is to click on the missing work, but alas they are unable to get to the assignment because they see a message stating there is a private access error.  I think there is a better error that could be displayed, like suggestions on how to get to what they wanted... 

Oops... Looks like you are accessing an assignment in a completion folder, go to the folder... or check with your course admin.

OR how cool it would be if they could be taken to the folder itself where they are missing work...


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Katherine,

    Thank you for sharing your question in the Community.

    A few points for clarification:

    • - When you mention a missing assignment, can you clarify that this means using the Missing exception on the assignment?
    • - When you state that a student will "click on the missing work", where specifically in Schoology are they clicking on the missing work? (notification, the Grades area etc.)
    • - If there are completion rules applied to the assignment, are there any required rules applied that would prevent the student from accessing the assignment directly? (an item/folder that has a rule that must be met prior to accessing the assignment)

    Thank you for clarifying this information to better understand the error you are seeing.

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    Schoology, Inc.

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