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We need to be able to click on a column and see the date it was added. We can't do this in add a column and add an assignment is a pain and doesn't let you adjust grades after the due date. 

There needs to be an overview of all grades for the student when they log on instead of having to go into multiple classes to see them. I, as a parent, avoid getting on because this has so many steps to complete anything. 

We need to be able to pull up all absences for an individual student at the click of a button. 

Go look at Livegrades...much more user friendly for teachers and parents. My parents are telling me not to message them on here because of the aggravation of all of the steps. 


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Kathy,

    Thank you for providing this feedback.

    Please take note of the Feature Ideas Guidelines. Please post one idea per Feature Idea post in the Community. Also, please title each Feature Idea regarding the subject of the idea. Both of these guidelines help other community members search for and find your Feature Ideas, and support them with upvotes. Upvotes are needed in order for our Product Team to determine if the idea will potentially make it onto our Product Roadmap.

    There currently is a selection at the top of Schoology for students called: Grades. Grades allows students to see an overview of grades and attendance, just as you've requested. However, as an Enterprise School, your System Administrator can restrict permission to access Grades for students and parents. Therefore, I recommend you reach out to your school's Support Contact to discuss access to this area in Schoology.

    Please repost your idea for assignment date added in the Gradebook along with separate Idea posts for any other features you'd like to see in Schoology.

    Thanks again for sharing your ideas and feedback!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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