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Missing assignments showing points possible.


Looking at students' grades, it would be helpful for all parties (teachers, students, parents, etc) to see how many total points were on a missing assignment. Our teachers are using the Missing flag and when a grade is checked, we cannot see how many total points were offered on the assignment, test/quiz, or assessment. Students and district admins can see the total points, but first have to click into each title to see more information. The total point information is not available to other adults supporting this student in order to help prioritize the missing work.



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    Liz McAllister

    This is a deal breaker in my opinion.  I work with all ranges of students and many wind up with missing assignments at some point in the quarter.  With a point value added to the assignment, now a student can prioritize.  


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    Sara Hunt

    I agree.  In trying to help students prioritize a list of makeup work they should take point value into consideration.  That is a big deal for us as adults to help them see that as a step in the process of prioritizing.

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    Wendi Wilson

    I agree - the point value should show - especially if it is marked missing.

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