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I'm a teacher that is working with other teachers in different school districts to design a curriculum. I created a group via my school schoology account, and sent the access code, but no one was able to access it. My I.T. dept. said it was because only people in my district can join my group. So, I used my personal schoology account and created a group. I see in your information that I can't add members since it's not an enterprise account, but can I send the new access code to everyone and will they be able to join this time? I don't want people to have problems a second time. Thanks


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Dahn,

    Apologies for the issues you've experienced while attempting to share with others in Schoology. 

    If other schools also restrict Instructors and staff from joining Groups outside of their organization, they will not be able to join your Group via access code. This depends on individual School/Organization settings. The workaround I can suggest is to have those who cannot join due to that permission setting, to also create a personal or Basic Schoology account. They will be able to join your Group without any issues.

    I also recommend that any Instructors who do create their own Basic account, add their Enterprise account as a Connection to facilitate bringing content over from their Basic account to their Enterprise account to use. 

    Thank you for posting your question, Dahn!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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