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Visibility to Parents of FERPA-protected data in Media Albums


Through Parent Access, user can view the full name of other students in the class who have submitted files in a media album. In addition, parents can view the media uploaded by other students, which may include their face, voice, or other personal information. This is a FERPA violation that is a major problem for us. Please provide a way to limit what parents can see in the media album to their own child's contributions.

We are aware of the option for teachers to allow or not allow student uploads into a media album. What we are looking for, however, is a systems level solution that prevents inadvertent exposure of FERPA-protected student data. If media albums are working as designed AND parent access is working as designed, I don't see an appropriate use case in which teachers in an enterprise SGY environment would have students upload files into a media album that would then display their full name to parent users. Our district admin gets very nervous about settings that rely solely on 500 teachers clicking the correct box each time.

There are a few possible solutions that I see:
1. Turn off visibility to parents of student names and files in Media Albums, just as they are in Discussions (best case solution)
2. Make possible at the district admin level the option to turn off student uploads to Media Albums
3. Make possible at the district admin level the option to turn off Media Albums.

I really appreciate your continuing to delve into this issue.  We feel like we are at a standstill with our implementation of SGY Parent Access and would prefer a resolution that allows us to use it.



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