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questions about essay option on assessments


1. Can I get print their submissions? How do I do that?

2. Can they re-open a submission after it is submitted? They will complete a first draft (submit) and then receive feedback to go back and edit their first submission. 


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Shannon,

    To date, there isn't a specific feature within Assessments for printing however, I'm happy to let you know that this feature is currently on our Product Roadmap and under construction RIGHT NOW! You can keep an eye on our progress by clicking Follow at the top of each section of our Product Roadmap.

    Currently, students can retake the same assessment over again via Student Settings in the Setup area of the Assessment. It sounds as though you are describing students retaking only questions that were incorrect? If that's the case, we have a standing Feature Idea for that functionality. Please add your support and optional comment to that here:

    Thank you for sharing your questions and feedback!

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    Schoology, Inc.



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    Thank you for your answer about printing. I wasn't clear on my question about re-opening a submission. I was wondering specifically about essay questions. Can they go back in and edit them after getting feedback from the teacher?

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    Charles Black

    Hi Shannon,

    If you are referring to students editing a submission to an essay question within an Assessment, currently that is not possible. The Feature Idea I linked above would encompass that functionality. Please give it an upvote!

    Thanks for clarifying!

    - Charles

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