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Student GRADE SUMMARY Across Courses for Instructors


In an elementary school setting, one instructor often teaches a student for most or all of their "courses."  While a PARENT can see a summary across courses for their child's enrollments and a school admin can see this, instructors (classroom teachers) cannot.  This is a HUGE need for teachers, as they want to look at an overall grade summary across all courses before a parent conference or at midterm time.  It seems strange that parents can see this, but teachers cannot have this information readily available, but instead can only get this info. by clicking through EACH separate course's gradebook.  Thank you for your consideration in adding this feature.



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Katie,

    Thank you for sharing your idea! 

    While there is no way for Instructors to see grades across courses in Schoology, as an Enterprise organization, your System Administrator can export gradebook information across grading periods, either based on student or school. For more information that you can share with your staff, please visit the Help Article:

    Thanks again!

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    Schoology, Inc.

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    Katie Schmidt

    Thank you for your response.  Unfortunately, for elementary school teachers, this is not a feasible alternative.  It is not at all time effiicent to expect or to ask a System Admin to access and distribute this information to 30+ different teachers for 25+ students each, at any point in time when they might need it.  Teachers need this information at their fingertips for an impromptu parent conference, team meeting, etc.  

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    Charles Black

    Hi Katie,

    Thank you for clarifying your idea and providing classroom use cases for better understanding.

    - Charles

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