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Announcement option in Materials


I would like to be able to post an announcement in the Materials list to post timelines for projects, reminders, general information about a project, etc that will appear in the list with their other project materials each time they open the materials list.  It would serve as a constant reminder of what they are expected to do.

My students get overwhelmed by all the screens they have to go to in order to see everything. They also are not good at opening a link on the materials list that might contain such an announcement, so the less work they have to do, the better.  One think I liked about Google Classroom  was the ability to make daily announcements and attach the documents needed for that day to it.  It was simple, streamlined and the students could easily see what was done that day along with an explanation.  In Schoology, I have to create a folder for each day that the students must open to get the materials and the announcements/explanation of the day's objectives or expected checkpoints to be completed that day have to be in a completely different location than the materials. If I could just get the ability to make announcements within the materials list that would make it much easier for the students to use and for me to communicate with them.   


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    Robert Kalman

    Hi Jennifer- you can do this!


    When composing an update, click the speech bubble icon next to the "Post" button and you can have it pinned as an announcement on the Materials page.

    In my classes, the only reason to go onto the updates page is if a student was out.

    This way, my update/announcement can reference materials or a folder on that same page, without needing to add an attachment.

    Hope this helps!


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