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I created a test but I cant find it to edit it.  I am able to schedule it but I am unable to see the questions to edit them. Help



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    Mrs. Gastler

    I don't mean to offend, but have you looked in another class for the test?  I have accidentally made the test in a different Schoology class and wasn't able to find it once.  Can you see it in the grade book?

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    Charles Black

    Hi Patrice,

    You can filter the materials within your course by clicking the All Materials dropdown that is just at the top right corner of the Materials list in your course (see screenshot):

    If you filter by Test/Quiz, you should see any that currently exist in the course.

    In conjunction with Mrs. Gastler's suggestion, this may help you hunt down that test.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

    P.S. Thanks again, Mrs. Gastler!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.


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