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Ability to use Microsoft "Take a Test" to generate a secure link


I was hoping Schoology would consider using Microsoft Windows 10 built in "Take a Test" app for generating links to quizzes and tests. 

The link that is generated looks like this and can easily be pasted into an assignment, etc.


It is then a secure way to take the quiz or test using Windows 10.

I am familiar with Respondus but in my view this would be very simple to add as another option.


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    Nicholas Esping

    Respondus works great but if districts are using windows 10 with S mode they will be unable to use any locked down browser since S mode can only load apps through the Microsoft store. Either taking advantage of Microsofts take a test or making the Respondus browser an app in the store would help tremendously with S mode and devices managed by Intune.

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