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I want my students to message other students that are enrolled in the course. Basically, I'm trying to set up a pen pal activity. Can students message each other and is there a way to pair up students so they can write to each other or discuss with each other and for me to see it?




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    Hello Miren,

    This sounds like a great activity to get learners writing and collaborating!

    Here's one possible solution:

    1. 1. Break your students out into two member teams and provide labels for each team. (For example: Blue Team, Green Team etc.)
    2. 2. Create these teams as Grading Groups in Schoology.
    3. 3. Create a Discussion and add all of the general instructions and settings..
    4. 4. Copy the Discussion to your Resources.
    5. 5. Copy multiple versions of the Discussion from Resources, into your course. Title each Discussion with the team name to keep them organized.
    6. 6. Individually Assign each team their appropriate Discussion.

    Once this is set up, you will have a Discussion for each team, that can only be seen by the members of that team. You can keep all of these Discussions within a folder to help organize the activity within your course. The teams of students can have a continuous conversation while you can view and grade each conversation.

    I'm positive that others will have more options for you so, keep an eye on this post for more ideas!

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