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To make test security and validity better, I'd like to have it close out the test/quiz if they navigate out of the window they are using to take the test.  It might be nice to have that available on assessments as well, but I thought perhaps they may be less formal or for review. 

As it is, when giving a test to a 1:1 school student, I have no way of knowing if they are looking up answers.  Though knowing where to go to find answers is a good skill to have, it doesn't belong in a testing situation for knowledge of a topic. Because of this, I can't use the test/quiz option for its intended purpose.  I still have to make multiple forms of paper tests to ensure I'm getting what they have learned as a result.



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Jennifer,

    Have you considered using something like Respondus Lockdown Browser? Instructors can require LockDown Browser for a Test/Quiz, Course Assessment, or Managed Assessment (AMP). 

    This tool locks the browser so that learners cannot navigate away from the test. Respondus Lockdown Browser is a seperate tool that works alongside Schoology and does require payment to use the service. The link above should get you started.

    Let us know if a browser-locking solution will work for you!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Jamie Crandall

    We use Apple Classroom to lock our 1:1 student iPads into the Schoology App while testing, but they can navigate anywhere within Schoology, including previously submitted assignments for any class, and then back to the Assessment and resume. So, a student could submit notes to another class. Then, even if the teacher has unpublished all folders and assignments in the class that will be testing, the student could access the cheat sheets from submissions in another class. That teacher wouldn't notice a extra submission on an assignment  

     This is a testing security problem.  If students leave the test, teachers would like the option to prevent the student from returning to the test. 

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    Charles Black

    Hello Jamie,

    With the following settings in a Test/Quiz, you can ensure that if a student navigates away from the test, they cannot resume the Test/Quiz or restart a new attempt:

    • - Limit the Test/Quiz to: 1 attempt
    • - Set Resumable to: No

    Currently, Schoology Assessments do not allow changes to resume, this setting is "always on". BUT, we are working to bring over all the functionality from Test/Quizzes to Assessments! To that end, I recommend that you create a Feature Idea to bring this feature over from Test/Quizzes to Assessments, if this fits your goals for testing in Schoology.

    Thank you for posting your question feedback!

    - Charles

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