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Gradebook showing assignments that were not assigned to that section


It would be great to have to option to turn off the assignments that were assigned to a few students in one or two sections but are showing up in every section even though they were not assigned to any students in that section. Or, have the assignments show up in only the sections where the assignment was assigned. 


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    Hi Lindsay,

    Although the assignments appear to the Instructor in the gradebook for all sections, rest assured that only the students within the appropriate sections are actually seeing and able to access the assignment from the student view (students don't see the gradebook).

    If your request is for the assignment to only be visible within the gradebook for that section in the Instructor view, please consider creating a Feature Idea so that others can find and upvote your idea:

    This post will be moved to the Q&A discussion, to help others who have the same question and are looking to support the same idea linked above.

    Thank you for your understanding and for your help making Schoology even better!

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