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How can I restrict the download of files?


I have several files like PPT, videos, readings that I want to share only as reading.

How can I prevent these files from being downloaded by students?


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    Charles Black Official comment


    Thank you for sharing your question!

    Any file that is converted for use in the Schoology viewer is generally available for download and printing. If there is an error during conversion, file conversion is not available for a specific filetype or, an issue prevents the file from being displayed in the browser, the user can download or print the file. At this time, there is no way to disable or 'lock' the download or printing of files.

    Embedding content from sites that allow secure hosting may be a workaround. Sites like:, YouTube and Google Drive provide options for restricting access and embedding content into other sites like Schoology.

    You may consider adding this functionality as a Feature Idea so that others can search for your idea and upvote it. The Schoology Team will review all Feature Ideas and consider them for future additions to our Product Roadmap.

    Thank you for using Schoology!


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