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My students typed a narrative into the submission box.  I made comments.  How do they go back into the document to revise and edit?


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    Hi Amanda,

    If I understand this scenario correctly, your students are creating submissions using the Create tab on assignments. (If this isn't correct, let me know!)

    If this is the case, once you have provided feedback and annotations on their submissions, they will be able to view your feedback by entering the assignment and clicking on their submission. The submissions will open in the Document Viewer and they will be able to view your feedback. If they are creating a new draft or revision, they can click New Draft at the top right corner of the Document Viewer to open the editor to make revisions on their current submission and submit as a new draft.

    You can switch to view different revisions/drafts on the top left.

    the following screenshot is of the Document Viewer from the student's perspective:

    I hope this information helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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