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How to hide course members to other course members.


I'm a spanish teacher. I have created 3 individual groups with different members in each group.

But members are liked... I mean, a course member can see other different peeps from other member...On the left side apperars all people mixed...

How to hide course members to other course members?






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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Xavi,

    The ability to change Privacy Settings within a course or group can be completed from: Course Options > Edit Privacy/Settings.

    For more information, please review this Help Article:

    Thank you!

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    Scott Mecca

    Roger that Charles.  I have an Enterprise account and cannot find this feature.  Are you saying it is in Roles???  I have courses that are purlee remedial and student membership should be hidden.


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    Scott Mecca

    Nope..... Member visibility cannot be controlled in Roles.

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    Charles Black

    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for pointing this out! You can hide course/group membership within a course or group via Privacy Settings (Course Options > Edit Privacy/Settings), not permissions.

    Setting privacy to No One will prevent members of course/groups from viewing members within the course/group.

    Hope this information helps!

    - Charles, Schoology Team


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