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2 part questions in Assessments


I want to create a series of questions that build on the first question in the series.  In the new assessment feature, questions are displayed one question at a time.  Is there a way to show more than one question at a time so students don't have to navigate between the first question and the next?


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Sue,

    Thank you for sharing your question.

    The creation of Passages which can be associated with more than one question is an AMP (Assessment Management Platform) only feature. If you'd like more information about AMP, I'm happy to get you in touch with your Client Success Manager. 

    As a workaround, you can add (or copy/paste) your own passage within the question field along with the question itself. Alternatively, you can use the Add Text feature in Assessments to add (or copy/paste) a similar text passage that appears just before each question during the assessment. Adding instructions within this workaround may help clarify the intention and expectations to students.

    Please let me know if this information is helpful or if you have any other questions.

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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