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Good Morning,

I love the new assessments and all the wonderful options that we can now use for online quizzes. I just really need some clarification. I want to use a rubric, but it has the answers because I am using it for non-writing prompts, just truly short answer. I looked up the info on the rubric (see screen shot below) and it says it is displayed to student during the test which makes no sense, because the rubric has the answer. However, when I select it and I hit preview question the rubric is not there. So which one is correct? Can they see the rubric during the test or just after the test when they go to check out their grade? We start school in early August and I have already used one online test and realized they cannot see the rubric. I want to get this right quickly or I can no longer use this great tool which will be very disappointing.





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    Nicki Shackleford Official comment

    Hi Katy,

    Thank you for sharing your question in the Schoology Community! Rubrics aligned to Short/Answer questions do not display in the question-level preview or assessment-level preview for Assessments. We have marked this as a note in our article Preview Course Assessments.

    However, the "Show to students" option does display the rubric to the student while taking the assessment. It will appear in the top right of the question (under the possible points for the question, if this setting is enabled):


    Thanks to your helpful feedback and screenshot, I've updated our help article on the Short Answer question type to make this clearer:

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions on this.


    Nicki Shackleford
    Knowledge Manager
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Katy Baker


    Is there anyway we can make this stop? Because using schoology assessments is basically useless to me and I am really, really disappointed. I cannot show students the rubric because it has the answer so basically half of the quiz is unhelpful for them to learn from. I am not even sure how to work around this. Can I post the rubric as a separate document after the quiz so they would have to open two documents at the same time to get feedback? Post a second test for them to take with the rubric so they can use that one to check the first one? I want to use this tool but if you are excluding me because I am not assigning a English like writing assignment. It should be a simple programming issues to just have the rubric show up after the fact. I can align the rubric, grade it and then go back and click show students and it shows up. I think this should be a pretty easy fix, please consider doing something so I and others who teach something besides writing can keep using schoology. Otherwise I am back to shopping for a better platform that actually understands what teachers need. Thank you.


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