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Talking with students I have discovered:

1. The task list that used to appear on the right is no longer there.  Students are missing assignments and due dates because teachers and students were conditioned to see these tasks and complete work.  Teachers are not alerting students of tasks because they are unaware the list is missing.

2. We also noticed the new buttons at the bottom--of a class of juniors and seniors preparing to be teachers only a third noticed the buttons at the bottom.  These contain useful information, such as the list mentioned above, however students are missing them because they have used Schoology for 4 years without them.

3. The course updates should be the default screen in each course rather than materials.  Students admit they never click any of the tabs at the side but the updates is an opportunity for teachers to post messages for students outside of class time.  



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Mrs. Kubsch,

    Thank you for posting your feedback here in the Community. I apologize for any inconvenience. 

    Note: The following information assumes that your students are using the iOS version of the Schoology app. If this is not the case, please let me know!

    I'll address each of your topics in order to help keep responses organized:

    1. Are you are referring to the Upcoming, Overdue and Calendar views? A recent update of our mobile app allows Upcoming and Overdue items to be accessed from the new calendar icon at the bottom right of the Home screen. Students can also access Upcoming & Overdue info from the new Calendar area, accessed from the main menu.

    2. Yes! The new buttons at the bottom allow access to Recent Activity (updates and activity), the new Course Dashboard view, and (mentioned above) the Upcoming & Overdue list. If students are not seeing these new icons, please make sure their app is updated to the latest version.

    3. Course Administrators (Instructors) can set the default landing page to either Materials or Updates for students when they enter a course. Steps for changing the defualt landing page are available here:

    I hope this information helps! If I have misunderstood any of the feedback you have provided, please let me know. I am happy to research any issues in more detail.

    Thank you!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.


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    Mrs. Kubsch

    In regards to the instructions for #3.  I tried this in a class and the students' view is unchanged.  Our students use iPads--is this feature only compatible with the desktop version of Schoology?


    Also, I understand the new buttons at the bottom of the screen.  My comment is related to student users and their feedback in regards to clicking.  The students stated: "I never noticed that", "I'm not going to click there", "Oh ya, I think I saw that once", etc.  The students actually miss the schedule showing up on the opening screen.  


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    Charles Black

    Hi Mrs. Kubsh,

    Thank you for the additional info related to your questions.

    You care correct! The information in step #3 indeed only applies to the Web version of Schoology. I apologize for any confusion.

    Thank you for providing your student's feedback regarding the mobile app navigation. I am happy to forward that feedback on to our Product Team as they are currently in development of a new User Experience for the iOS mobile app. You can find more information about this new design here:

    If you'd like updates on our progress, please follow each of the sections on our Product Roadmap to receive notifications during development.

    Thanks again!

    - Charles

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