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We have an assignment where an entire grade level of students (around 200 students) need to submit a powerpoint assignment. Last year when we did this assignment, we were not able to download all the assignments at once because we received an error that the size of the file would be too large...Where can I find out the maximum allowable file size that will allow for the download all feature to work?




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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Mr. Hanna,

    Thank you for sharing your question!

    The file download size limitation for an assignment (Download All) will depend greatly on the number of students within a given course. The size limit will be displayed in Schoology when attempting to click 'Download All' and the limit is reached.

    Some strategies to help you scale this type of project:

    • - If possible, enroll students across multiple course sections to keep the overall size and quantity of submissions in the .zip file low.
    • - Create Grading Groups within sections and Individually Assign separate versions of the assignment to each group. This may help distribute the file load across groups.

    If you run into this issue again, you can download each submission individually from the document viewer. I understand that this is not ideal, however, it will help you achieve your goals for download large file sizes.

    You can also determine the file size for each individual submission from the document viewer, which can help you determine the average overall size of the .zip file when attempting to Download All.

    I hope this information helps!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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