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There are two places that additional navigation options would be helpful. I regularly find myself looking for the Next or Previous buttons when in Assessment and Google Drive Assignments.

  1. When in Assessment, there is no way to navigate to the next or previous assignment, page, etc; or even the folder the assessment is located. 

  2. When in a Google Drive Assignment there is no way to navigate to the next or previous assignment, page, etc. There is at least a way to get back into the folder, but that is it. 


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    Charles Black

    Hi Amanda,

    Thank you for providing this wonderful feedback. 

    It looks as though students have access to breadcrumbs (previous folder/course home) in both cases (Assessments & Google Drive/OneDrive Assignments). 

    I can see how more navigation options would be beneficial for instructors & learners for the two examples you've shown. (Thanks for the screenshots!) And thanks for your feedback!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Chris Champion

    The "Next" and "Prev" buttons are essential to navigating a course. If you take an assessment and you are finished... the only way to get back to your course is via the Breadcrumbs, and it dumps you unceremoniously into the folder you were in before. I just watched an administrator get lost because she didn't know which activity she left off at (we are delivering asynchronous PD via Schoology in addition to 

    I have instructed our course designers to use "Test/Quiz" until this is fixed.

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    Madame Moore

    Yes, after the test or assignment, students can't go on the next post within that folder.  Students don't see that there is something next.  This creates confusion and makes navigation less efficient. Please add this improvement in navigation to the feature update list.  Not only for students but me too.  I just finished grading this and I don't have the folder showing the breadcrumb menu to click on not "next" to go the the next item.

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    Eunice Au

    This is an ongoing frustration for the participants in my courses and I'm getting multiple requests weekly. I really would LOVE this feature to be added!

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