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Bulk unenroll students from course


I saw this article

Which does allow for imports to wipeout all the "manual enrollments", however this would only be useful if it can be timed during the summer before new information is loaded and teachers create new courses.  Now that we have started the year and new courses are populated it leaves use with no options like before.

I would like to see an option for bulk unenroll made available to any Admin of a self paced course.  Even if we need it to have a few "Are you sure?", "Are you really sure?" popups along the way.

The current process of clicking the dropdown, clicking unenroll, clicking confirm is very slow when you need to do this with 300 students at a time.





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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Frank,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback and idea!

    While you can unenroll students via the members list, and Enterprise users can bulk update enrollments using the Import option, we encourage teachers to use new sections when teaching the same course to a new group of students. We've built the ability to copy a section to create a duplicate version of the section with the same materials and rules, but a blank roster. The previous course can be archived without needing to unenroll students.

    We will keep an eye on this Feature Idea and track support for this type of solution when considering future features.

    Thanks again!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Frank P.

    OK, that may be a better route to go then.  I will let them know about that. 



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