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Viewing a course as a student.


While I know how to view my course as a student, when I add an assignment using a Google Doc I cannot open the doc when in the "student view" mode.  In other words, when I'm viewing a student, I cannot access/open an attached Google Doc as a student. Is there a way to change the privacy settings so that I can see what my students see?

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    Hi Mike,

    In general, Instructors are not able to make changes to or submit on behalf of the student when using View As within a course.

    For example, when viewing a Test/Quiz or Assessment using View As, the instructor cannot submit the assessment for the student. This prevents unwanted or accidental changes that would impact the student's overall achievement. 

    Specific to Google Assignments in Schoology, when the student accesses the assignment, a copy of the original Google document is created. The student has permission to make changes to the document temporarily until they click submit. Once submitted, permission changes back to the Instructor only. If you were to access the document as the student, this chain of events would kick-off and you'd create a copy of the document for the student.

    While you are viewing a course as a student, think of that time as an observer viewing the overall course as the student, not necessarily specific content.

    If you'd like to recommend changes to the View As feature, please consider posting a Feature Idea so that others can search for and show their support for this type of functionality.

    I hope this information helps!

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