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locking a grade column


Is there a way to lock the grades in a specific column so that I do not by mistake overwrite a grade?



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Pat, 

    Thanks for sharing your idea here in the Feature Ideas forum of the Community!

    Can you help us better understand your idea by adding use cases or classroom scenarios where this feature would come in handy? This detail will help us fully understand the goals for this type of functionality.

    Also, I did want to mention that as an Enteprise Schoology Instructor, you can always use Track Revisions within the Gradebook to view and recover any grading errors within grade cells. For more information, please visit: Note: Track Revisions is not available for Test/Quizzes or Assessments.

    Thanks again for sharing your idea!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Pat Hayes



    Thanks for the quick reply.  In other grade books I have been able to lock the column so that I do not inadvertently change a grade.  I do understand about the Track revisions feature.  I was just looking for an easy way to lock a column after I enter a test grade so that I do not have to worry about overwriting a grade.   I can adjust.  If in future revision it might be a nice feature to have


    Thanks,  Patrick

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    Charles Black

    Hey Patrick,

    Thanks for the clarification! I can see how locking a column would come in handy.


    - Charles

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    Arlene Bergonio

    I also agree!  I'd love to have this feature @ locking grade columns.  I don't like accidentally overwriting grades when I'm keying in new ones.  Is this feature already in process?

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    Arlene Bergonio

    Any update on this, please?  Is this already being considered? 

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    Claire de Lacy

    Hi Arlene,

    We always welcome feedback in Schoology and we encourage feature requests and upvoting through the Feature Ideas Community. Although we review all submissions, it’s not possible, due to the high volume of requests, to personally respond to every posted request. 

    Please rest assured we have noted this request which helps us gather feedback for our Product team to consider this feature for future updates.

    Thank you for your understanding and for your help in making Schoology even better!


    Claire de Lacy
    Senior Knowledge Management Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.


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