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adding my second child under my email address


I am trying to sign up my second child with her code under my email but it keeps kicking me out.  Can someone please help me get her added so that I may follow with her teacher.  My older child has her code and is signed in under all of her courses but when I use my second daughters code it wont let me add her


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Addison,

    Thank you for posting your question in the Community.

    When you register an account in Schoology, you must use a unique email address when doing so. Schoology does not allow two accounts to register with the same email address.

    We recommend you either register your second child with a different email address or register the student account with a Username instead of an email address. Full details regarding student account registration are available here:

    (Note: Student accounts registered with a Username will need to also provide their school name when logging in. Schoology provides a checkbox during login that will save this information so that you only have to login with Username/Password.)

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    Schoology, Inc.

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