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Is there a way to add questions to assessments from existing test banks?  I know I can convert a test to an assessment, but I want to be able to use the questions I already have in the new assessment feature tow without having to create a test first. 

As you are developing the assessment bank feature (I read another post on this) it would also be nice to be able to add questions from an assessment to that bank, be able to convert a current test bank to an assessment bank, or in a perfect world, be able to merge test and assessment banks into one.  Then be able to pull questions from that bank individually or at random.  



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Robin,

    Thank you for sharing your Feature Idea, it's definitely a really good one!

    Some feedback for you regarding Assessment Question Banks:

    The main function of Assessment Question Banks allows for the storing and sharing of Questions into and out of, Assessments so - we got you covered there!

    As for the conversion or merging of Test/Quiz style Question Banks to Assessment Question Banks, I think this is the crux of your request and I upvote you!

    We will be updating our Product Roadmap as we continue to add functionality to Assessments so please click Follow to receive updates!

    Thanks again for sharing your idea!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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