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Course pics different sizes


The course pic is a different size in several places - course page, web, phone, tablet - so pics are truncated in some places.

Can you please make the basic shape the same for all platforms?



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Diane,

    Thanks for adding your idea here!

    The tile images in the Courses and Groups drop-down menus will resize with your screen. These menus were built to be responsive, so there is not a hard-and-fast specification or ideal size. 

    However, if you have specific content that you would like to remain visible in the drop-down menus, the best option is to create an image that is square with the desired content centered vertically and horizontally. For example, if you have a 350 x 350 pixel square image and place the content in the center (350 px by 100 px) of the image, the content should remain visible from the drop-down menu.

    More information about Profile Pictures can be found here:

    Thanks again!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Diane Lytle

    Thanks, Charles.

    I get that we can make the center visible that way, but it's a hassle to be sure that every pic I use fits those requirements.

    I'm watching Schoology users make up templates that include all the different sizes in order to be sure they don't lose the important part of the pic, depending on the platform.

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    Tom Remely

    This is a must-have feature, if we're forced to view as tiles.  Alternatively, maybe it can be a setting that we can choose tile or list view.  At least make the drop down menu a list.  You can't even see all of your groups in the drop down menu.  You have to click on "my groups" to see the rest. 

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    Heather Johnson

    I love your course dashboard view. However, I am a SPED teacher with 19+ tiles because of different grades and subjects that I’m responsible- multiple courses per period. Finding them in the My Courses drop down several times each period for attendance and to assist them costs tons of time. Is there anyway that you can open up the dashboard parameters to be able to scroll the tiles? The kids are having the same problem and need the picture view to locate their courses. Thank you!!!

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    Huimyong Lee

    I agree with Heather. I have 17+ tiles and I would like to view all of them on the main screen instead of going to My Courses drop down menu.

    Also, it would be very helpful if we can combine sections together without having technical issues.  This will save a lot of time.

    I was told not to combine classes since it causes a lot of problems in Schoology.

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    Tom Remely

    Huimyong Lee, I'm not sure why you were told that linking classes causes problems.  I do that all the time.

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