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Hello, I am a med student and our instructors use schoology for sharing their course materials and we came to year end and have finals. I need to download all materials to be able to access offline and study and as I found out there is a way to download single material with link provided but there is no option to download multiple files or  download all course files option. I couldn’t even find any way to save on any cloud services. I need to download about min. 700-800 files and downloading each seperately is time consuming and a pain. Is there any way to download multiple files or save on a cloud storage service?


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    Brian Scanlan Official comment

    Hey Oben,

    Thank you for posting to the community!

    Because of the specificity of your inquiry, I'm opening a support ticket, which you will receive via email. We can continue to correspond there.

    All the Best,


    Client Support Specialist

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