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Portfolios and audio files


An assignment that has either an audio file or video doesn't directly upload into my portfolio.  Is there another way other than down loading it from the Schoology assignment to my computer then uploading it back into Schoology Portfolios?



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for sharing your question! I have created a ticket so that our Support Team can take a closer look into this issue. Thank you in advance for your patience!


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    Mr Jones

    What happened to the 'add assignment submission to portfolio' button? After submitting an assignment, my students used to be able to click on the button to add the submission to their portfolio directly. It was a very easy function and saved my student lots of time.

    I am a music teacher and I have all of my students display recordings, videos, compositions and reflections in their portfolios. It is where I assess their full body of work for the semester.

    It would also be great to be able to scroll through all of the portfolios in a similar way you can look at each student's work within an assignment.

    I realize I should probably ask these questions in a different place.

    Sanford Jones

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    Charles Black

    Hi Mr. Jones,

    We will be tracking this issue via the post you created here:

    Thanks again for reporting this issue!


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