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Students should have the ability to submit a Link not just a file for an assignment in their submission folder.


If students are able to submit a google drive link, for example they would be able to submit files larger than 500mb such as movie/multi media files etc...



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Ron,

    We recommend that students use the 'Link' or "Insert Content > Link" on the Create Tab, in order to submit a link for an assignment in Schoology.

    This process will produce a link that is clickable by the Course Admin as well as the student.

    I hope this information helps you achieve your goals for the submission of links for Schoology assignments!

    I will be moving this post to the Instructor Q&A so that others with the same question in the future can find the solution.

    Thank you!

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    Greg Loomis

    The interface could be much better for links, and much more intuitive

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