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Problem with students accessing OneDrive assignments


Is anyone having any issues with students being able to access OneDrive assignments? All my students are receiving a message that says: "Not so fast. Wait for your document to be created." Until the last two weeks, this has worked without issue. Now, I have uploaded several assignments, deleted and re-created assignments, had other teachers use their accounts. We all have the same issue time after time. Any advice? Thank you.



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello All,

    Schoology Support is tracking an issue with OneDrive Assignments in Schoology. If you are experiencing errors on the Student or Instructor side of the OneDrive Assignment experience, please open a ticket here: 

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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    Schoology, Inc.


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    Charles Black

    Hello Alex,

    Thank you for sharing your question with the community. I noticed that you created a ticket with our Support Team regarding this issue, we will reach out to you via that ticket to follow up.

    Thanks again!

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    Mr. Locklin

    I have this problem every time I try this application, as does a colleague of mine. Any chance of publicizing whatever solution may have been found?

    Sometimes it will clear with time, and sometimes not so much.

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    Charles Black

    Hello Mr. Locklin,

    I've created a ticket so that we can learn more about your issue. Thank you for sharing this issue with us!

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    Anthony Smith

    We are having the same issue here in Brockport. Has there been any progress on this issue? Teachers are getting frustrated and starting to abandon schoology all together.

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    Diane Lytle

    We just started using this feature, and some of our students are having problems submitting the document. Ideas for what to check? 

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    Brad Friis

    Following this one, we have clients who are having this issue. 

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