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Make OneDrive and GoogleDrive Assignment Rubrics Consistent with Regular Assignment Rubrics


I have to say, I love OneDrive Assignments but I'm disappointed with the way rubrics appear for teachers and students in OneDrive Assignments.  The grid-based design of the rubrics in regular Assignments gives students a far superior experience in telling where they are and where they need to go.  Presently, the OneDrive Assignment rubric view is scroll-heavy and reflects a fixed mindset rather than a growth mindset. 

An example below shows how the teacher needs to scroll down a good bit to see the category and level descriptions.  Instead, categories should be on the left and the level descriptions should go across.  

The student view is very fixed.  In regular assignments, students could see the rubrics in a spectrum alongside or above their work.  In the OneDrive Assignments design, only the scores the student receives are displayed.  What if a student got a 1/3 in a category or two?  He or she would have to switch back to the Assignment to see why she missed those points.  Please let students see the full grid (categories horizontal; performance levels going across rather than listed vertically)!


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    Heather Yee (IndYee)

    It would be great if we could merge the two types of rubrics. The simplicity of the view in the Google Drive/One Drive Assignments and the fact that the whole descriptor is visible at once make it easy to read. However, not being able to see the whole scale limits their ability to read their score, as mentioned above. The descriptors are actually more valuable than the score alone -- a significant reason for using rubrics -- and seeing the other score levels help students understand what they've done well and what they could do to improve their score.

    Perhaps the rubric on the assignment could display the spectrum of scores and descriptors horizontally. That way it's clear that there's a progression for each criteria or learning objective rather than a long list. And then on the student score view, perhaps there could be a drop-down available that contains the same horizontal view with an indication of where the student's score is for the visual reinforcement. That way the initial view would remain simple while still allowing the student to access the needed information to continue making improvement.

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