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Assignment viewer format altered for .doc, .docx


Currently, when students upload .doc & .docx files to assignments, the format view may be different in Schoology than with Microsoft Word.  This is a concern when students are being graded by APA or MLA formatting requirements.  Is there any way the Schoology view can be fixed?  Thank you.



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    Yes, I agree this is a issue. When we purchased Schoology - MS Office and Google items transitioned perfectly in the document viewer. When the document viewer was "upgraded" - the issues began. It not only impacts student's submissions, but also items the teacher posts to the materials page.

    I contacted Schoology and provided them with a variety of examples. Their response was that in order to maintain formatting, teachers should post PDFs of their materials and students should submit PDFs of their work. This is an unfortunate staff and students shouldn't have to adjust the format of these basic file types to post/submit - the document viewer should take care of that conversion. In addition to Schoology, I teach in two other LMSs and do not have this issue in either of them. 

    Although Schoology support let me know that they are aware of the issue and that there will be further upgrades of the document viewer...I unfortunately do not see it listed on the roadmap. I look forward to hear if it is being worked on?


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    Barbara Plunkert

    I see that this was posted in April, my teachers are also experiencing this issue when viewing student submissions that have been created in Word and PowerPoint.  We started using templates in both Word and PPT to help alleviate this problem,but it did not help.  

    Just wondering if there has been any updates on this?  My teachers are downloading the files in order to view them in their original format - and provide feedback using the comments sections.  Its a work around...but I'm sure they would appreciate the having a few seconds saved per assignment per student by not having to download the file.  


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    Charles Black

    Hi Barbara, 

    As a Feature Idea post, the original post is requesting added support for formatting in the Schoology Document Viewer, that isn't currently supported. Providing an upvote to this post will show support for this idea and our team takes these votes into account when planning our Product Roadmap.

    If you believe you are experiencing a problem with the Document Viewer, please open a ticket with our Support Team so that they can troubleshoot the issue: 

    Thank you!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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