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I use Schoology for all of my courses and it is fantastic. However, the one feature which is lacking is the ability to text message my students, either as a group or individuals. Currently, while students can enable the text notification feature, the text they get just tells them that I have posted a course update, which they then have to go into the app or the website to see. To be honest, almost none of the students do that extra step. I have seen where Edmodo recently released a messaging feature. However, I do not like the way in which Edmodo is set up more as a running blog or messaging board instead of the file folder system like I have with Schoology. Are there any plans to add a text messaging feature and if so, what is the timeline? Thank you.



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    Aaron Zech - Schoology Tech Support

    Remind School Communication app does this well. 

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    Melissa Hamby

    Although Remind does the text message notification well, we are hoping to make Schoology a one-stop-shop and if we are having people sign up for Remind, then we are adding one more thing. My hope would be that if an update is sent, then the text message would contain more than "there is an update on Schoology" but contains the update itself. This would be wonderful for whole school communication like school cancelations, 2 hour delays, and other immediate notifications that would want to be sent out to staff, students, and parents. 

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