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Ability to set up hierarchy views for managers


Managers wish to be able to see their employee's results for courses, but the only way for me to give them that access is to make them an admin for the course, which means they can see ALL employees' results.  This is not acceptable in a corporate environment due to privacy concerns; especially when international employees are involved.  

It seems the grading groups feature could be used for this purpose. If I could establish an Admin specifically for a grading group - versus an Admin for the entire course - then, conceivably, the Admin for that group can only see that group's results. 

If grading groups will not work for this purpose, then I would like the ability to define hierarchies for users to show a relationship between manager and employee.  The goal is for a manager to be able to see the results of any course for any employee within his/her team, but NOT be able to see employees who report to a different manager. 


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    Ellen Harbour

    I have learned that the Advisor/Advisee relationship provides part of the capability I need in that a manager can view a single employee's information.  The managers would like to be able to see their entire team in one view, so it would be nice if the Advisee view could be updated to allow for viewing of information for multiple employees. 

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