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Push Gradebook Settings


For those of us using Enterprise, it would be great if administrators could push overall gradebook settings out to teacher gradebooks, rather than relying on individual teachers to do this consistently. For example, all the classes in our high school need to use our school's grading scale, not the default "numeric" one. I would like to be able to set that automatically for all our high school courses from an administrative level.



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    Sharon Thierfelder

    Yes! This is currently posing a problem for our district also. While the setup for teachers is easy, it is not something we can rely on them to do correctly and in a timely fashion. Having the ability to manage this at the admin level would elevate a lot of headaches for all, especially when the wrong setup is typically discovered during peak grading times such as progress reports and report card time. I would also like to see the SIS mappings of categories auto mapped with information coming from our SIS. Schoology already recognizes and receive that information from our SIS so having teachers take the extra step of mapping it in Schoology (while easy to do) is still one more step the teachers need to take and one more opportunity for them to set things up wrong.

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    Jacob G.

    We would like this implemented by school. It would be very helpful. Some of our schools use a custom IB grading scale and it is always a headache to try and fix the ones that aren't quite right (for consistency). Other schools use a more traditional (but still custom) grading scale. Please do this!:)

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