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Average attempts for Assessments


For the test/quizzes type of assessments (the green puzzle piece) there is a choice to average the attempts, but for the "new" assessments (the blue puzzle piece) there is only last score or highest score. This seems like a simple, but much needed feature. Per my district (Killeen ISD, Texas) policy for retakes the new assessments is unusable in its current state.



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    Dr. rota

    I miss this feature as well. We may not be able to use assessments this year without that feature. 

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    Cindy Barnes

    Another vote for adding this feature in.  I use the averaged option to encourage my students to use what are essentially short, pop-quiz-like assignments in class to study - after school, they can open them back up, review answers, and retake several times.  

    Until this feature is available in Assessments, I'll have to stick with Test/Quiz.


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    Catherine Scott

    I am also missing this feature!  I like the new questions in assessments, but I really need the ability to average scores.

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    Jason Howard

    Same here....been using assessments wish there were other options such as average score

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    Shannon Creighton

    We definitely need this feature. 

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    Mr. Pearl

    I also allow test corrections where the students are allowed to get half of the points back, or the average between two attempts. This would make life a lot easier for me and my students.

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