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Improving GoogleDrive Assignment Grading Functionality


The GoogleDrive Assignment grading functionality is quite cumbersome. The process includes too many clicks and screen adjustments to make this efficient.

Can you try to program a process that looks similar to the assignment submission grading procedure on Schoology? The arrow that immediately clicks to the next submission saves time.

Also, it would be helpful to have the "Share comment with student" box pre-clicked, as most comments are meant to be shared with students. 



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    Sarah Zurn

    I agree. I just started trying the Google Drive App and the grading is even more time-consuming than grading through the regular Schoology. 

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    Shanna Piggott

    The idea of the feature is amazing but it is not an efficient process yet.  A lot of my teachers are finding the traditional assignments easier to grade but they miss the opportunity to watch the students "in progress".  Some changes to the grading window could be huge game changers for our teachers.

    It would also be great if this feature could support group assignments.

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    Rachel Cronin

    I was about to post this question, which is similar to what everyone else is saying:  When grading a google drive assignment, I have to click "submissions," then click on each name individually, then scroll back up to grade it, then scroll back down to the next name.  Is there a "NEXT" button or function that will just let me quickly move to the next essay without jumping all over the page??

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    Please make comments default to share  with students. Of course I would share them. Why else would I leave a comment?? 

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