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Adding Additional Members to a Group


I have started a group and members have joined. I have other teachers at my school that want to join also. I don't have a add button on the members page. How can I invite them?



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    Brian Scanlan Official comment

    Hey Sherlda,

    Thank you for contributing to the community!

    Does your group add members via access code? If so, you can retrieve that code in the Members section of the group and distribute it to your teachers.

    Otherwise, if you're the group admin, your Members page should also have an "Add Members" option atop the roster.

    If you're having any trouble, let me know; I'd be happy to help.

    All the Best,


    Client Support Specialist

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    Angela Sullivan

    I don't have the "Add Members" button atop my roster, either. I have Basic Schoology and am trying to create a group. Have the access code. Just no option to add members.

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    Charles Black

    Hello Angela,

    The Add Members feature is currently available for Enterprise Schoology users only. To enroll users into your course or group, please provide the course or group access code. You can then promote any of the members to Course or Group Admin by navigating to 'Members', click the gear icon and choose 'Make Admin'.

    Thank you!

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