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Allow for auditing students to not appear in gradebook


I use Schoology in university courses, and every semester, I usually have at least 2 or 3 students audit each of my classes. Sometimes, in my bigger classes, I might have up to 10 auditors.

These students do not receive scores at all and do not submit homework. However, they want to join my Schoology course so that they can see the class materials and follow along during class time.

I would love it if Schoology could add a setting so that teachers can select whether a student is an auditor or a class member who needs grades. Then, auditing students would not appear in the gradebook view.

Right now, it's annoying that every time I enter scores for my real students, I have to make sure that I skip over the auditors. It would be really nice to just be able to change a setting for them so that they don't appear in my gradebook at all, but they can still remain in the course and access the materials.


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    Gayl Hardeman

    Yes, I echo Angel Lee's suggestion.  We have several students who audit classes, and it is difficult to keep track of who they are. Please, do you have a quick fix for this?  Gayl Hardeman 1/7/2020

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