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Change mobile annotations to not record every pen stroke separately


I use mobile annotations on my iPad to grade student assignments. My assignments are math problems, so I pretty much exclusively use the pen to make annotations (underline things, circle arithmetic errors, correct their equations, etc.).

Currently, every single pen stroke is recorded as a separate annotation. (i.e. the letter "t" is recorded as two different annotations) When my students view the annotations on a desktop, they see a list of comment boxes a mile long. Then, if I do type something in a comment box, it's very difficult to find it among all the other comment boxes representing pen strokes.

Could this feature be changed so that pen strokes are grouped together? Perhaps if there is a pause of a certain length when using the pen, that could signal the system to switch to a new comment box. Or, the default could be that all pen strokes belong to the same annotation until the user hits "Save," signalling a switch to a different annotation.



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