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Hello, I would like to know if the material submitted to a class deletes after a semester is over. If it does, is there a way to keep the submissions on a student/teacher side?


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    eduTECH: Amato

    Materials do not delete. However, grading data follows the students, so if they are still in your course after the semester ends, then their grades and submissions will be found under ARCHIVED courses. If they leave the course, then you will lose access to the grading and submissions (from what I can see).

    I used to use the free version of Schoology and have data and materials from 2010, but the students are not in the courses. Now that we are on enterprise, all my courses and grading data is easily accessible. (NOTE: I do know that we migrated our school from free to enterprise which pulled the students out of the old school and into the new version so I am not sure if that is the deal),

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