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Rubric for HS Math Questions


I just started using schoology for short answer math questions.  I created a detailed rubric for the questions. I am disappointed when I graded them and I wanted to give a student a 2/4 for a specific reason and I clicked that box it the program then selected both boxes that I created for 2/4.  I am not sure if I am able to explain this well, but I wanted to give the student a 2/4 for not showing the equations they created and just had the correct answer, so I had that on the rubric, but there was another 2/4 that said you only had the system of equation written and didn't find the answer, so the program selected both 2/4 boxes, but I wanted to only show the one box....


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    eduTECH: Amato

    So, you wanted to do something like:

    And then just leave the other CRITERIA blank? That should work. For this assignment, I was able to check off only that one criteria (#3), leave the other ones blank, and then even OVERRIDE the grade.

    I also tested it as a test question which is what I think you wanted to do and used an override to make the score the same as the selected CRITERIA, but I used the OVERRIDE to make the grade what I wanted, regardless of what was check on the RUBRIC:

    If that isn't what you were trying to do, let me know and I'll see if we can share the assignment in a test course and figure it out.



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