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submit work FOR students


Is it possible for an instructor to upload a document, video, etc. for a student's assignment on his or her behalf?



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello All!

    I have moved this post over to the Feature Ideas forum so that others can find and upvote this idea in the future.

    Keep an eye on our Product Roadmap for updates on new features.

    Thank you!

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    Mr. Tally

    I would like to vote for the addition of this feature as well.   Thanks for considering it! 

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    Jane Wilson
    • I definitely vote for this feature.  Either being able to do this or be able to add the file in the ‘comments to student’ when I add the mark.
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    Mr. Bolton

    I would like to vote for this feature to be added.

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    Kevin Miller

    Mark my vote for this feature.

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    Laura Rossier

    This is particularly useful for google drive assigned work that is graded by a rubric.  Currently if an assignment has not been submitted I can not bring up the rubric and grade the work in the same window.  If an assignment is unsubmitted then I can only access the rubric in the gradebook screen in order to enter the grade.  It makes for a lot of back and forth while grading... which is the beautiful thing about schoology and google assignments... the embedded rubric means avoiding having to click between screens!!!!

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    Katherine Karl

    I agree with Laura, this would be a great feature in Google Drive Assignments (and elsewhere). If a teacher only sees students weekly, such as a music teacher, and students forgot to submit their work, the teacher has to grade the rubric via the gradebook, and go back and forth! It would be great if teachers could simply move students work from "in progress" to "submissions" to access the rubric. 

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