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New Parent Access Code with an existing account


I signed up for schoology last year using access codes from my kids teachers (both in elementary). This year, we received instructions and a new access code from the new teachers. The instructions are written in a way that looks like you are joining schoology for the first time. When I follow these instructions, I get a message from Schoology that I already have an account with that email and to log in. So when I log into my existing account, I only see my kids are connected to last year's teachers and there is no easy, cohesive interface that shows me how to add these new access codes to get associated with this year's teachers. Please help!



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    Ching Ng Official comment

    Hi Melissa,

    I have created a support ticket for our Help Center to address your concern since this seems to an account specific question. Thanks for your continued support of the Schoology Community.


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    Eloise Christian

    I have the same problem. Can't enter parent access code because the last year's schoology is still active. When I try to enter the codes, I'm told I already have an account. Which brings me back to last years schoologly. There isnt an option to acct to the new school and enter new codes.

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    Ching Ng


    Hi Eloise,

    If you are using the Enterprise version of Schoology, there should be a System Administrator (Support Contact) at your school who manages all of the school's accounts. We recommend contacting your System Admin by clicking on the Question Mark icon at the top right corner of the page.

    It may be possible that this year's courses are not visible yet. The System Admin should also be able to associate your account with the new school, or confirm that a new account should be created (with a different email address).

    I sincerely apologize for the confusion but please let us know if there's any difficulty.


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