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Syncing to Powerschool


With teachers doing more and more of their grading on Schoology, being able to sync to Powerschool is a must!



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Charles & Elizabeth!

    Charles - We have a comprehensive guide for setting up and managing the PowerSchool integration with Schoology. If you haven't already, please visit:

    Elizabeth & Charles - Thank you both for sharing your thoughts with the Community. If you have new Feature Ideas that you'd like to share with the Community, please make sure you adhere to the guidelines posted here: - Posting Feature Ideas in the Feature Ideas forum will help us organize, consolidate and optimize the search feature so that the Community can easily find and support your ideas.

    Thanks again!

    Charles Black

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist

    Schoology, Inc.

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    Charles Breiling

    Hello and thank you Schoology for making a PowerSchool sync. It works really well, with a few quirks. Could someone write a userguide on the Sync mechanism? For example: Schoology Term is ignored, and Schoology DueDate is crucial! Other things like whether or not categories are required, and the length of assignment names (it used to be it wouldn't sync if over 50 characters, but now it does). I've figured out a lot on my own, but a guide written by the experts would be nice!

    On a side note, we cannot use Completion Rules at all, since using them deletes all due dates, and the sync depends on the dates!

    UPDATE: I've since learned that while Completion Rules will delete due dates, they will default to the last day of the term when syncing. So you can still do a PowerSchool sync, with meaningless due dates.

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    Elizabeth Woodman

    I'd also love to see Completion Rules made more effective.  The "deadline" for completion should be course-administrator set, NOT default to end-of-semester/course.   I feel like that would allow students some curriculum path guidelines with some flex in their pace.

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