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over dues


hello i am a new student, some how i have over dues which i wasn't there to do it.

There were all last year ones which are really unnecessary and annoying.

It doesn't remove by it self. Do you know?

Thank you



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    Ching Ng Official comment

    Hi Sehun,

    Thank you for contacting Schoology Community and I'm very sorry for the delay in response.

    Overdue notifications appear when the assignment is still "enabled" for you and it is un-graded by the teacher.

    If possible, I recommend contacting your Instructor directly to see if he/she can make an "Exception" in the Gradebook. For more information:

    This would have to be done by your teacher and unfortunately, there isn't a way to turn "off" the setting as a student.

    I apologize for the inconvenience but please let me know if there are any questions.

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