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    Daniel Scinto Official comment

    Hi Daniela,

    If you'd like to leave a course, the teacher (course admin) must remove you from the course. Please contact the teacher in-person, or send the course admin a message through Schoology. To find the admin of the course, click on the Members area on the left menu of the course profile. The member with the yellow crown to the right is the course admin.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


    Dan | Schoology Community Advisor

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    Jorge Olivares

    This is really unacceptable. Adults should be able to leave a course behind if they so choose to.

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    Mrs. Franklin

    I agree with Jorge.  I should be able to unenroll myself without contacting the administrator.  I am enrolled in 5 different courses as part of a graduate course, and I would bet that some of these teachers (that are admin to these courses) are not going to log back into Schoology - probably ever.  This means, that these courses will continue to show up in my course list, which is confusing when they are amongst the courses I want to be enrolled in (the ones I am teaching!).  

    Please consider adding a feature to allow people to unenroll, or at least "hide" courses from courselist accessed through the tab.  

    Thank you!


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    Charles Black

    Hello Mrs. Franklin,

    Please reach out to our Support Team by visiting: - and we will help you if you are stuck in inactive courses.

    I highly recommend that you consider sharing your post as a Feature Idea. Feature Ideas are reviewed by our team and taken into consideration for our Product Roadmap.

    Thanks again!

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    Peggy Trecker White

    Students and parents should be able to opt out of courses. As a teacher, it is a massive pain in the you know what to have to spend my time deleting hundreds of people, when the initial add of them to the course was to provide school wide information. There is definitely a faster way to solve this issue than have a teacher spend their time going through these steps. 

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