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Is it possible for the students to annotate within the Schoology app?  I know a teacher can and I realize you can send a document to another app such as Notability, but this takes additional steps.



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    Daniel Scinto Official comment

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Schoology Community. I see that you also submitted a ticket to our Support Team. Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible for students to annotate submissions.

    That said, you might consider "liking" this similar Feature Request, as our Product Team considers the most "liked" Feature Requests when developing the Product Roadmap. Let me know if you have any other questions.


    Dan | Schoology Community Advisor

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    Kate Fisher

    There are at least FOUR threads on this feature request.  PLEASE! Our students use annotation on almost all of their work (PDFs) in Google Classroom on mobile devices.  Students not being able to annotate in Schoology is a big obstacle in our discussions about moving to Schoology from G-Classroom.  Teachers can annotate, so student annotation seems like a quick fix.  The only obstacle I see is the inability to distinguish student annotations from teacher annotations.  Don't make this stop you from implementing.  We'll figure it out...  The sooner the better!  


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    Kate Fisher



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    Ms. Norris

    Here's some more reasons it would be good:

    If students only stay within the Schoology app, then I can use my AppleClassroom app to "lock" them in while they take a PDF quiz and know they can't look at their notes, which they would be able to do now since they currently have to use Notability (where their notes are...)

    If they can see all the questions at once, then they can actually practice the "use the test to take the test" strategy! 

    I would really love to stop making copies. I had a paperless classroom last year when our district had a different LMS.

    I guess ask the other teachers in your school to upvote this idea too to give it more power.

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