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Ability to Delete a Sent Message Thread


Is it possible to delete a message thread? I have a student who accidentally used a message thread I had with several students to send private information. I deleted the thread from my end in the off chance it would make the message disappear for everyone, but unsurprisingly all the students on the thread still have access to her message. Is there any way to delete it for her? Thanks. 



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    Ching Ng Official comment


    Thank you for contacting the Schoology Community and I apologize for the delay. I can understand the usefulness of being able to delete message threads! Unfortunately, this is not currently available. We recommend sending messages to individual students instead of a group.

    While it is not available, this sounds like an idea that we can use in the Feature Request forum. I am moving this post to our Feature Idea forum so that other users can search for and upvote this idea! Our team takes into consideration what our users want on our Product Roadmap.

    I apologize for the inconvenience but hopefully we will have this feature on Schoology in the future. We are constantly striving to improve the user experience and we thank you for using Schoology.


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    Amy Felton-Toth

    I have the same issue. I have student's writing inappropriate comments. I've deleted the message several times from my end, but it keeps coming back with more and more comments from the students.

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    Heather Day

    I am having an issue with this as well.  I cannot believe that there is not a way to delete a thread in a message.  There are so many issues that could arise with confidentiality, inappropriate language, etc.

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    Russell George

    This is pretty much a deal breaker for us. Students know that they can write anything and it is there forever. Our only recourse is to shut down Schoology


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    Amanda Bastien

    And if you send a message out to the whole class kids can't just reply to you if they respond.  It replies to everyone.  There should be a way to edit this.  A student just sent me a message and I responded before realizing he was responding to a message i sent to the whole class.  Now everyone can read our conversation.

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    This is disappointing.  I hope they make a delete option in the very near future.

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    Lisa Randolph

    I also need to be able to delete a group message thread.

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